For more than 33 years, the Friends of Royal Alberta Museum Society has worked along side the Royal Alberta Museum to provide funding for many of the programs and services that make Alberta’s provincial museum one of the most popular museums in Canada.

Revenue generated by the Friends of Royal Alberta Museum Society is committed to cultural and natural history preservation, educational programs, learning and enrichment opportunities for schools, research and facility enhancements at the Royal Alberta Museum.

Below are some of the exciting projects FRAMS has been involved in. With your support, we can make them grow!

Sunwapta Totem Pole

In autumn 2010, FRAMS collaborated with the Royal Alberta Museum and 108 former and current employees of CFRN/CTV to acquire the Sunwapta Totem Pole – an iconic landmark that graced the grounds of CFRN television station for about 30 years. Visitors to the museum lobby from July 7 to October 2, 2011, could witness the delicate conservation work first-hand. FRAMS gratefully acknowledges the Edmonton Community Foundation for its strong support of this project.

Discovery Room

FRAMS is currently the major sponsor for the Discovery Room educational programs which annually attract approximately 8,900 children between the ages of four and eight. Programs are delivered to classes from pre-schools, playschools, elementary schools, and home-schooled children from Greater Edmonton and as far away as Lacombe and Wetaskiwin.

Summer Camp

Initiated in the summer of 2008 and continued in 2009, the Society sponsored the first summer camps everat the Royal Alberta Museum!  Campers express themselves through writing and creative arts throughout the week, meet curators, and see behind the scenes and engage in fun activities. Besides offering an educational experience, each camp is designed to inspire an interest in Alberta studies and issues. For a complete list of program descriptions, visit

Museum School

museum school

Sponsorship continued through the spring of 2009. This innovative program offers teachers the opportunity to move their classroom to the Royal Alberta Museum for a full week of entertaining, hands-on learning through exhibits, galleries and amazing behind-the-scenes tours.
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Go to the Museum for Free!

Initiated in April 2004, the FRAMS GO! Program provides complimentary day passes to Alberta families and individuals who, because of financial constraints, are not normally able to visit the Royal Alberta Museum. FRAMS works with 45 social service agencies to distribute the admission passes. Your contributions help us share the Royal Alberta Museum with as many Albertans as possible!

Essential Support to the Museum

The Friends of the Royal Alberta Museum Society provides integral support of human resources at the museum, including staff contracted by FRAMS and collaboration with federal and provincial agencies to provide students the opportunity to work at the museum and gain valuable experience.

Wild Alberta

FRAMS sponsored the development and creation of the Pelican Diorama in the Wild Alberta Gallery. The gallery’s interactive and thought-provoking displays and dioramas showcase Alberta’s changing environment and highlight the importance we place on our natural world. With your support, we can continue to help make the Royal Alberta Museum a world class institution!

wild alberta